A 25-year-old politician got heckled during a climate crisis speech. Her deadpan retort: 'OK, boomer'

When she was heckled, she casually dropped a sharp-tongued retort — "OK boomer" — and, unfazed, continued talking amid the puzzlement and silence of the room.



I heard the same “climate crisis “ speaking points when I was in my teens and 20’s , not much has changed now that I’m nearly 60. That said go ahead and debate it, it ok but the insults really aren’t necessary. This sounds more like a older politician being scared that a younger politician is taking his place. It a fact that it will happen but no reason to interrupt another’s opinion on any subject. And the younger generation need to learn that using derogatory terms , which is apparently common for them, only makes them sound childish. 


For decades in America people who work in Blue collar and White collar jobs have been forced to retire by age sixty Five. Obviously scientists spent years studying people before they came up with this age.
So why are we allowing people from seventy to seventy eight run for the most important job in the world. They are way past their physical and mental peaks. One of them just had a heart attack a few weeks ago.

No other first, or second world country has Presidents, or Prime Ministers who are ancient looking White haired men and women. So why should America allow that to go forward. Canadas PM is 47 years old. The average age of European leaders is 55, The youngest - Swedish prime minster Frederik Reifeldt, at 42. Five heads of state in the European Union are in their forties. 16 are in their fifties, and seven are over Sixty. leadership style differs depending on age, and there is definitely an ideal age for world leaders...and it is not seventy plus. I sincerely believe that the proper age should be between 34 and sixty three. Can I get an amen on that?

Vote Tulsi Gabbard for next President!! Tulsi is the Human
with the right master plan!

The reaction was an ageist response to an inappropriate sexist behavior. It should be seen in that light.

That said, ageism is one of the least understood and most under reported form of biases in our system. The "Ok Boomer", comment, even within the context of the response, could get someone fired based in private industry or public employment.

NYU has a center for ageism that talks about subtle ageist cues. The comment probably fell into the "replacement theory", which has the risk of resulting in mistreatment of elders later on.

As a researcher and analyst, I can only add that we can't really identify generations statistically, largely using clustering techniques. The fact is that they really don't exist per se. Instead we see more general slope lines of change over time. The truth is that most other factors well beyond generational assignment contribute much more to our identities...these include class, ethnicity, urban versus rural, and indeed...gender. The obsession with generation in the U.S. really came about during the 1960s and was manifested in news stories sudden switch in 1966-67 from describing actors by their profession and instead by their age. It happened sharply and represents a pathology, not an evolution.

P.S. I guess I'm an "X'er", which is to say that my generation doesn't really exist.

OK Boomer. What an intelligent retort. I will say that Boomers' (and some Gen X'ers) biggest crime is evident in the entitled, whiney, victim mentality of their children, namely, the Millennials.Everything is offensive, awards are expected simply for participating, responsibility is pawned off on everyone else, no sense of humor, etc. As for the climate, it began with what's called the Industrial Revolution. If they didn't give out trophies for showing up to History class, you might have missed out on those lessons. Industrialists poisoned our air, not the Boomers. Boomers created Earth Day. Boomers still diapered their kids in reuseable cloth. Boomers cooked real food, not pre-packaged, processed meals for folks who are too lazy to learn how to cook. Boomers developed carpool lanes to remove cars from highways, Boomers created Greenpeace, etc. Boomers were ridiculed for their attitude of Peace and Love. Re-reading all of this, I wonder if maybe Millennials are simply jealous of all the things Boomers actually did in comparison with what they have not done, except to blame everything on everyone else. Millennials are good at that. Not to generalize as I am sure, or at least hopeful that there are many people in all generations who are strong, ethical, compassionate and intelligent but I have to say that the worst thing that Boomers did was raise a generation of spoiled, entitled, whining, defensive, irresponsible, immature, finger-pointing, humorless, spineless, unemployed people who see themselves as victims. OK Boomers? OMG, that's so offensive. I'll just say, OK Millennials and wait until you grow up. Every generation has felt the same way as you have. In fact, here is a partial quote from Socrates, (born c. 470 bce, Athens [Greece]—died 399 bce, Athens): “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise." You're not the first generation who was upset with their previous one. Not to worry, you'll get over it one of these days.