'Bullets rained from above.' A relative of the Mexico attack victims recounts what the children witnessed

It's been two days since gunmen ambushed a convoy of mothers and children in northern Mexico, killing three women and six of their children. "We're still looking for answers and praying for answers," a relative told CNN.



This was posted by another person I didn’t write any of this..... This family are responsible for the deaths of many people and children. Evril LeBaron died in 1981. The family moved to mexico because they are considered American terrorists.

This is being reported as the cartel killing these women and children but why were they travelling alone (with no men) on one of the most dangerous highways? The sect practice blood atonement. Wouldn't it also be possible they killed their own if they were trying to escape? This whole story from the 70s is cartel vs mafia (that's what this family are). My point being this was not random American tourists attacked. There is a lot more to thus story and the news simply fail to report that.

What an embarassment. With so much money going into our military budget, we cannot even protect 3 women and 6 children who are traveling in the country so close to our nation. What good is our military, our foreign diplomats, and all of our resources if we cannot even put an end to drug cartels? Treat them like the Middle Eastern terrorists, and wipe them out. Did we ask for a permission from Iraq and Afghanistan when we deployed our troops? Why do we treat Mexico differently? These Mexican terrorists are causing just as much damage to our nation's health as the Muslim terrorists by spreading their drugs into our nation.