Australia's women footballers get equal pay in landmark deal

Australia's top women soccer players will now earn the same as their male counterparts


ahahaha i mean if the feminists are happy with getting "Donation" then let them be happy
do you know why women sports team generate as much money or interest as the men's team because although you feminist share these posts on your social media account, you never actually WATCH the games that these talented women play, and men don't watch women's sports mainly because the skill level is day and night. Since the number of people interested in men's sports is a lot higher than women's ( and the interest is consistent, meaning they are being watched throughout the year, every year not just once every couple of years )

It's sad how many men are quickly offended on here when you place men, women and equality in the same sentence. It's been proven here in the United States that the Women's soccer team generates more revenue then the men's team. (Yes, I know this is about Australia. I'm just using an example here). I wonder sometimes how many of you men would care more if this were your wife or daughter playing? The bottom line is: Women deserve the right to make equal pay, for equal work all professions! Don't you men realize that this inequality directly effects your own families? If women are being shorted in pay, it is less that they are bringing home. Equal pay for equal work is NOT too much to ask for!! Guess many men won't care unless it's their own paycheck!!

Alan Harvey-Brown, this issue has nothing to do with revenue justification. That's for the owners and the league to resolve. This has everything to do with recognizing, and acknowledging that female athletes are talented and work just as hard, if not harder at their sport(s) to be successful. I see no reason why women don't deserve equal opportunity. It is how I intend to raise my daughter. I want to work hard, and enjoy success. More importantly, she has to know that her talents have value. Imagine if women's sports had the same level of investment, and revenue as men. We would see far more participation from young children and women in sport. If the money is coming from the success of men's leagues, great! Use some of that revenue to invest in the future of the sport for both sexes. Sorry but I can't imagine the appropriateness of telling my daughter, in the future, that she cannot participate in a sport "because years ago, men believed their sport was worth more to men than it was to women. Sorry you can't play in a league or capture your dream of playing (whatever sport she wants) men didn't believe in it." I support Sara Craib in her challenge of your opinion(s). Thank you for reading.