Democrats will win control of Virginia House and Senate, CNN projects

Democrats will now control Virginia's Senate, House of Delegates and governor's office for the first time in more than two decades


Absolutely dumbfounding how this same old school Republican corrupted Administration who created a recession back in 2008, has been allowed to stay in office to do the same. Economist are warning us because of the enforcement of tariffs, and which has deliberately forced the American people to pay higher prices, and which allows the fat cats a hefty stock gain, at our expense. Why do you think Trump, his first enforcement was done on Steel, making that wall even more expensive to be built at the taxpayers expense. And then the snakes go behind closed doors, and create a tax scam, that allows them to keep their wealth. And by doing so he created a 3 trillion dollar debt inflicted upon the American people. They have given power once again to the banks. CEO of Wells Fargo has stated Banks love recessions. They get to keep your money and close the doors. People lost their 401ks and their homes. People like Trump love bankruptcies because they get to take your home at a low purchase price. People seem to forget Trump has made his fortune on real estate and stocks. Rental had gone sky-high, and the politicians who have shares in the rental stocks, don't mind you paying higher cost, cuz that's where they get their g a i n. A strategy even Trump son-in-law has made his fortune upon. Republican Administration between the theft and the corruption, that's why you're seeing such great protection.

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