Pence aide said Trump's July 25 call with Ukraine was political and not a normal diplomatic call

An aide to Vice President Mike Pence who listened to the call between President Donald J. Trump and the Ukrainian President told impeachment inquiry investigators she found the conversation unusual because it was political in nature, and said it did not have the normal tone of a diplomatic call, sources say


Nothing Trump does is normal. He refuses to follow the rules. He insist on total secrecy. He marks people as spies or unloyal if they question his actions. When you get off the track and ignore boundaries it comes back to bite you in the butt. Then his defense is that he is innocent cause he isn't always talking in a Presidential capacity but as a friend. A President is in a 24 hour a day Presidential mode. He signed up for this responsibility yet shrugs off his job constantly going golfing...entertaining clients like Putin secretly etc. He can't play a friend with his job. Anyways that's what he wants us to think. I think Trump is one who will play the friend to get his victims to get chummy with him and then get dirt on them and then blackmail or threaten or bribe. I'm glad he is finally caught and facing the consequences of his secret actions. This time he got caught in his own words...and he was caught involving others to do his dirty work for him. Usually others go down like his personal lawyer because they can't find Evidense that Trump ordered the corruption. We have all heard it now in Trumps own words.