Wall Street is no fan of Elizabeth Warren | Analysis

For months, it has been a behind closed-doors, off-the-record conversation. Bankers and money managers grumbling that a President Elizabeth Warren would be bad for business. More recently, bankers and money men are saying it out loud. | Analysis by Christine Romans



I watch CNN, but I am always prepared for the daily endorsement of Warren. They never fail to report a positive story about her, or rush to her defense when her policies are criticized. They report national polls, but truth is, in head to head match ups with Trump in swing states, she loses. Her plans are not well thought out, and won't be well received in a general election. She talks about being bold and making structural change. All of the democratic front runners (other than Biden) have the intent to improve access to healthcare and promote economic justice but it has to be sold to the general electorate who have a mistrust of the government. Dems need to win if we are going to get anywhere. CNN helped Trump get elected the first time and I think they may have the same intent this time.

So the funny thing is because we "needed insurance" the insurance people being backed by wallstreet are the group who started America down this road of all certification and education and zero more on job skill and tenure/seniority. We lost enough workers and business to the educated flock who would deny climate change and true job numbers while claiming they have solutions and "the math" in the same breath. If we had universal healthcare and dental no business out there would have to worry about such things and they could hire more freely even on an accident prone worker. The only thing left is the sociable problems we have and that would be cleared up in two decades easily. When everyone is healthy and able to work better who would want to deal with annoying people who spout hate and hurt? We take back the excess and in that maybe the wealthy will learn finally they caged themselves and those bars and walls around them make them prisoners and enough of the "safer America" idealology would start becoming undone. (that means less whiners as well). We can never go back but we can give the right to that which has endured in goodness a chance to flourish again. It isn't about the protection of anything here America, it's about a level playing field that isn't and hasn't been kept because the grounds keeper is drinking from a hidden flask in their "gold plated, as seen on TV" bible and enough of us are sick and tired of losing the game at home! No more high school this election, the real world awaits us now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW!