India's 25-year-old hotel billionaire wants to expand in the US

In just six years, Ritesh Agarwal has gone from a college dropout to one of India's youngest billionaires -- and now he's set his sights on the United States.


CNN please don't post any articles regarding India. I can literally not see any positive comments in here it's like we are the only country in the world ridden with problems whereas right now looking from outside you guys seem more 'third world' and in turmoil. We have problems lots of them just like any other emerging country and the unprecedented growth is taking a toll on us like pollution. It is a big problem for us and there's a lot of politics going on over the topic here but not the whole country is effected by it the southern and northeastern parts of our country are breathing fresh air. I never see possitive attitudes from Americans regarding anything Indian. Just stop posting anything about India