Kansas City voters choose to remove Martin Luther King Jr.'s name from a historic street

The vote came after months of debate about the name of the historic boulevard, which had been changed in January to honor the civil rights leader



I’m from KC, I’m white, and I voted no. The street should’ve remained in King’s honor.

Having said that... we’ve been put in a terrible position here in KC by our leaders, specifically our new mayor Quinton Lucas who was a councilmen at the time of the change.

There are streets in KCMO named after racist white people and they should’ve picked one of those instead of a century old main boulevard.

The Paseo is special to the black community too. Release the demographics of the vote.


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This is why CNN is called fake news, the innuendo they portray in their headlines. They know most people won't read the article, just read the headlines. It's not the people causing division in this country, it's the fake media who wants us divided. We as Americans are some of the dumbest people on planet earth. Do you think the powers that be want the American people undivided? NO, because then we the people have the power. They wouldn't be able to control our lives. I'm not advocating violence, I'm advocating for the American people to come together as a nation. "We the people " That is what Trump is trying to do also. He wants to give back the power to the people, that's why they are fighting to remove him from office. He can't be bought and he's messing up their little playground they have been playing on for many decades. The best way to do this is by saying he is racist and a threat to America, when in fact he is fighting for you and me. STOP, fighting among ourselves and unite as Americans. We have allowed these career politicians to take advantage of us and to make themselves rich on our dime. It's time for a change in this country and show the Pelosi's and Schumers that "we are the people " this is our country, not theirs.

My ADD is acting up today so I’m struggling to understand this. From what I gather, a street in a predominantly African American part of town was renamed Martin Luther King Blvd without the approval of the residents. The town says the decision was made in January to honor the civil rights activitist (51 years after his death... better late than never I guess). The residents voted to put the original street name back to The Paseo and what to honor MLK’s memory in other ways.

Personally I’m with the residences. Those politicians have no idea what nightmare they might caused those people. In high school, my childhood city decided to annex their police department and fire department with a bigger neighboring town. This meant taking on that town’s naming of streets so their city first responders would not have to learn to city maps. Overnight my cutesy street name describing the surrounding environment became an ugly block of 6 numbers, a compass direction, and a street number. What the guys in city hall didn’t plan on was the fallout of that change. They failed to change the map with the post office; it was weeks before everyone started getting their mail again. The school board started sending letters informing parents that their kids had been reasoned to new schools far in far away towns because our addresses changed. The garbage piled up because suddenly all the streets disappeared. My parents and several others received fines for their cars because they weren’t properly registered. It was a mess. Clearly this town was smarter than the dim lights I grew up around but it is weird how something as simple as a street name can change the way an area functions.

Nothing personal but The Paseo in a black neighborhood implies that there is diversity (a variety of people) in that area. MLK in a black area implies to me that there are only black people in that area. People aren’t black might be hesitant of living in a heavily black area with a black population because it gives the vibe of non-blacks being outsiders.