Democrats are making a mistake using the phrase 'quid pro quo' | Opinion

"The phrase quid pro quo does not roll easily off the tongue of most Americans," writes Arick Wierson for CNN Opinion. He says Democrats "need to rebrand Trump's alleged transgressions with a term that most Americans don't need to Google to understand -- one with teeth."


Trump, the master of using other people's money, betrayed the Amerian Taxpayer, who payes taxes so NCA can ensure our national security. Our security rests on the security of our EU allies. We shed a great deal of blood on European soil to forge these bonds but Trump only cares about grabbing pussy without permission and bragging about it as the man's man. So he took our tax dollars - American taxpayer dollars - dollars for protecting American families from further Russian aggression and exansion in Eastern Europe. And he turned our dollars and our security into a hostage, which he would only release if others would help him subvert our democratic electoral process. Whether we say "Bribe" or "hostage" the next word to say is "treason"

Please every single thing they do is a complete failure. Everything.
No policy no ideas just resistance division fear mongering tactics and hatred throughout America. The Democrats are no longer Democrats they are liberal socialist communists trying to overthrow and destroy America for appsult power and wealth for themselves. They attack our flag our freedoms our laws our law enforcement and the President of the United States of America and Americans. Anyone that doesn't agree with them is in thier way and they attack using propaganda lies using fear division manipulation and hatred on everyone using all the liberal owned media outlets especially CNN and MSNBC..We truly are under attack. Pay attention people.
They are attacking this President with all the wealth and power just because he is in thier way. Since the day he came down the escalator and announced he was running for President they started to attack. He wasn't even the Republicans nominee yet and they already started talking about impeachment.
How obvious does it need to be for you people.
God bless America and God bless our President Donald J Trump
Probably the greatest President in American history. His policies have proven that over and over and over again.