Lawyer for Ukraine whistleblower sends White House cease and desist letter to stop Trump's attacks

"I am writing out of deep concern that your client, the President of the United States, is engaging in rhetoric and activity that places my client, the Intelligence Community Whistleblower, and their family in physical danger," Andrew Bakaj wrote to White House counsel


You mean the lawyer who we've found out talked about a coup?
He is doing a fantastic job.
Economy booming, lowest unemployment rates for all groups, 225, 000 jobs in October.
Who cares if you "like" him. We hired him to do a job and he has been phenomenal! The fact that the media is part of this whole charade is disgusting. This is the 2nd attempt at a coup. It is a threat to our constitution and country. Regardless of party, our votes won't matter. This should scare the hell out of ALL of us!


You can say it all you want, Once again, WHAT CRIME?
The ones that couldn’t be found after over 3 years of Muller, Comey, Bennan, Clapper, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Washington Times, CIA, FBI, The entire Federal Government New York State Southern District. Ever Liberal Democrat Attorney General from every State in the United States.
That doesn’t even take in the Foreign interest that would give Billions to get something prosecutable on him!

They all want him gone, he is screwing up their playground!

Mother Thersa could not have survived the microscope this President has been exposed to!

I heard he picked his nose as a kid! That photo would be worth millions to these Haters!

Asking to know who the Whitehouse leaker is is not an "attack" , it is called "talking " !
How come CNN knows the content of the letter if it was sent to Trup?
A case of another leaker inside the Whitehouse leaking and committing treason given that they took a oath to serve the President ?
The leaker identity should be disclosed or it will be when questioned by the House to cross esaminate if he she is lying !
Another thing, we were told by the Democrats that the leaker was an FBI agent and liberal that worked for the Clintons, so how can you blame Trump for exposing his identity when you did already you bunch of clowns !
The president has the right to know his accusers to defend himself from unsubstantiated allegations !

The way I see it. And I major in politics. The whistleblower exaggerated his account of the events through second hand knowledge. He was not on the call or in the room. But the democrats said fine we will work with that. By letting the whistleblowers ridiculous claim with no first hand knowledge open a inquiry, they were than capable of digging and digging till they found a bunch of stuff against trump. None of which are impeachable. Regardless it’s a great campaign against the president and the 2020 candidate. It’s funny but the first thing I would of done was investigate what the president thinks happened, because that’s important. Instead they flip it up against him and go after him.

I bet if the bidden investigation took off,there would be a lot of democrats and Obama personal getting charged. Also if there was an effort to smear trump through Ukraine he has the right to find out. Trump is a business man, unlike 90% of X presidents. Trump approaches everything he does in a business capacity. When he took over America started getting more back. He negotiates and persuades business to better America. Quid pro quo. Really everybody does that stuff. It’s how business gets done. I’ll do this , if you do this. It makes sense. Why are we paying millions to a communist country and getting nothing back in return. If there was and or is Ukrainian interference in the election process and if bidden used his vice presidency to acquire millions for his son this should be investigated.

Instead pelosi just wants a Democrat president so bad that she’s willing to risk it all. The Democratic Party will suffer tremendously from this. Adam Schifter noodler and pelosi all need to be investigated.

Leave our president alone and let him do his job. With quid or without

WHAT A JOKE this is.. HIS client is engaging in attacks and VERY serious allegations against the President.. HE is accusing the President of treason.. So Trump is suppose to let lie after lie and attack after attack on him just go unchallenged ??? Besides we have the transcript and we KNOW what was said.. The Biden's were involved in money laundering and Joe Biden DID on live video commit a Quid Pro Quo.. The President is just doing HIS JOB by asking Ukraine to pick up the investigation they were doing on the Biden's corruption BEFORE they were threaten by VP Biden's and American money was to held back UNTIL they fired the Ukraine prosecutor looking into his son.. All this bs is just the usual suspects trying to cover for the criminal cabal and the dirty politicians that have been getting away with absolute criminal activity for YEARS and getting VERY wealthy from illegal activity..... ANY FOOL that thinks Hunter Biden receiving $75,000 to $83,000 a MONTH from this foreign Ukrainian corporation when he doesn't have one drop of experience in energy, he doesn't even speak the language, he never travels over there.. and he is a KNOWN coke head and stripper bar patron etc etc.. is just that a FOOL.. The intellectual dishonesty of the average Democrat is astounding.. Their ability to NOT see PURE corruption in mind boggling. At least we Republicans KNOW our corrupt politicians.. Like McCain, Graham, McConnel, Romney and Paul Ryan.. We want ALL the criminals gone...Anyone choosing a dirty politician because they are a part of YOUR party IS part of the problem in this country....