Over a dozen Saudi servicemen to be expelled from US after review of December shooting at Naval Air Station

More than a dozen Saudi servicemen training at US military installations will be expelled from the US after a review that followed the deadly shooting last month at a base in Pensacola, Florida, sources tell CNN



It’s evidently a surprise to many Americans (this post’s responses verify that) that Many expatriates from the United States , are this very moment working in Saudi Arabia, and surrounding Middle Eastern Countries, with both the permission and the appreciation of the local Government. So, if Our Government chooses to expel those who are working here, coming from those areas, they will have to take a good look at how that might affect the ability of those individuals (as well as military troops) to remain there. In other words, We don’t have any more right to be there than they have to be here, if the Trump Administration wants to take that stance with them.