A royal showdown at Sandringham looms over Harry and Meghan's decision to go it alone | Analysis

A crucial meeting looms over Harry and Meghan's plan to step back from their roles, and the Queen could face a difficult choice, write Max Foster and Lauren Said-Moorhouse



Let them go!!! If Harry is dumb enough to renounce family for a civilian wife and his child, then so be it!!! HE KNEW... He was not in line for the throne, he knew William was always going to get priority on everything.
Having a new wife doesn't mean you need to divorce your family.
THIS ARE THE SIGNS OF AN ABUSIVE SPOUSE... They isolate you from your family and she is using that child as leverage. How strange... She play nice thru the engagement and until she got pregnant, uh???
That's cunning!!!!
This is not good for Harry.