Iowa voters divided over impeachment, poll shows

Iowa voters are split, largely along party lines, on whether impeaching President Donald J. Trump was the right decision, a CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll shows


Grow up Iowa an grow a pair. You want to.let this traitor continue to run our country into the ground , why. What has he done for you besides almost putting our country into war that means if he dies it will be your children who have to go off an die not his. Yours ,are you watching all.yoyr neighbors feeling the threat of losing their lively hood an family's being destroyed from poverty ,no medical help ,your children having to go with out proper education or are you all ready to be controlled by a crazy dictator , you got to fight for your rights an the rights of your children

This is a no brainer! You CANNOT INVOKE EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE TO COVER UP A CRIME(S)!!! Besides, John Bolton is NO LONGER a government employee and, therefore, DOES NOT ANSWER TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!! What on earth is this man HIDING, innocent people dont block testimony, innocent people say I have nothing to hide BRING IT ON. Lastly, if Trump wants to block testimony, then Trump should immediately be DECLARED GUILTY OF THE CRIME(S)!!!

Listen, American people if that"s not guilt......I don"t know what is.. Trump claims, he wants everyone to testify, but is only worried about future Presidents. I call BS on that. He is only worried about his own skin! Perhaps, he should just cut to the chase and testify himself. What a lying, deceiving, self-serving corrupted President! Every time, I think this can’t get more ridiculous, it does.