Trump again warns Iran's leaders about protesters

President Donald J. Trump says his administration backs the Iranians who took to the streets after Tehran admitted it mistakenly shot down a passenger jet


What we need to see is this happened because these people were so anxious and afraid of what Trump may do next and this terrible thing has happened many , many times in history!
Approximately 36 times that we know of!

In fact in 1988 we, the US Navy, hit Iran Air , a Passenger Plane, Flight 655 killing nearly 300 people!

In 2014 Russia hit a Passenger Plane, Malaysia Air Flight 17 , with a Surface to Air Missile killing 298 people and 80 of them were little children!

This happens during the Fog of War, the Anxiety of an Act of War!
Until we try to get along, work to find PEACE and protect our DEALS made by previous Administrations instead of cancelling them,
this will continue!