Bernie Sanders could actually win this thing | Analysis

A realization is setting in among the political class: Bernie Sanders has a very credible chance at winning the 2020 Democratic nomination | Analysis by Chris Cillizza


Just think: 12 years ago this Democratic choice for America touted 12 years ago that Venezuela should be America’s model for success. Today Trump has promised to help Venezuela get their country back on track after the communist leaders feasted on prime rib, killed capitalism, and their people are starving. What’s the chance that Bernie just made a horrible decision, or was he serious when he said, “food lines are a good thing?” Why is he fleeing from his hero socialist country and has nothing to say or not defending his comments? Wake up America. Vote Trump or “you too” could be on the list of Venezuelans food line and lose an average of 26 pounds per citizen due to lack of food and housing.

Free College:

How does giving free college to everyone create jobs? What good is an education if you cannot use it?
If a child left High school or dropped out of high school, free college helps him how?
We have went from gaining knowledge to succeed to succeeding to pay for someone else's college.

In any profession, we know there is no back door to being knowledgeable . When I was young I was paid by someone to learn and mold my career. As I got older my knowledge lead me into better pay and a better way of life. Jobs allow that to happen.

I can tell you that there are people who are perfectly content with being poor and being kept. They have no greater desire than to get by. Encouraging the free stuff might get a vote but it will not change someone's morals, habits, or desires.

In other countries that Christians build wells, and teach people who literally have nothing how to better them self. Given proper guidance their lives improve. In America housing, water, and food is expected. This creates generations of people who become dependent on the government. How does that help? It helps those who think that we are beneath them, those who want you to be kept, those who say that it is the greedy business man who has destroyed your life. All the while why they collect over 40% of our income or greater if you own a business.

As far as my Christian statements. I see very few charitable things done in America that are not involved with church; feed the hungry, toys for tots, hope for Christmas, and tons more. I see what they do every year. I also watch people take advantage of that charity. Example; when a couple driving and Escalade comes into church to get toys for their tots. Sounds selfish, looks selfish, and is selfish. If you have the latest smart phone, 26 inch dubs on your car, drinks, and smokes of your choice collecting a check, EBT, etc. from the tax payer you are a thief!

I just want to say this, watch who you listen too. They might convenience you of many things that just aren't true.

We certainly have a moral problem in this Country.

Sam Roberts