Queen agrees on 'period of transition' for Harry and Meghan

Queen Elizabeth II says the royal family has agreed on a "period of transition," during which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will split their time between Canada and the UK



Interesting from this side of the ‘pond’ , that the media is being blamed for this. The Royal Family has many privileges, but with that comes a sense of duty and accountability. The UK public expect this from their Royals and don’t simply accept the mantra being fed to them from their household or ‘tame’ reporters or ‘fellow’ celebrities. Yes, they are both free to live as they wish, but this is nothing to do with media hounding. This life-style choice could have been delivered with care and respect for HM and the UK people they choose to forget they represent.

The devil will be in the details of the couple's ""financial independence". Whether or not the couple totally breaks or continues, through Prince Charles's income that still comes through the Queen subjects, to leech of Brits with royal benefits. I heard the "experts" say that the British people still have to pay for full time security on part time royals. So there are many details to be worked out and the Queen will probably keep this part secret. And the British people are quite fickle about royals....

My sympathy is with the Queen. She didn't deserve this in her golden years. And basically didn't have much of a choice, except in the financial transactions...

So cut them loose and let live on Henry's personal inheritance. But don't expect the hungry world wide press to disappear and just let them live a private life when they decide not to be part royals while jet setting off with the elite & weathly.

Nope. The press will praise and build them up at first, especially Meghan, for being independent, modern and bucking the royal system. Then suddenly, like the press did with both Diana and especially the Duchess of York, will in a blink of a eye, unleash their published, selective self serving, stories of every folly, mistakes and most embarrassing moments of her life, to the world.
Basically the couple has left themselves wide open without any protection for the press at all. This will the world press, not the British press. A mistake to think the world press will continue to elevate them without profiting off their limbo status as half in/half out.

Yeap, every American rag mag will have a field day with unsavory photos & stories of Meghan specifically, when the press honeymoon is over. ; you know the ones, National Inquire, The Star, The Globe, etc. or Hollywood's favorite, People Magazine...
that liberals too love to read.
Good luck with trying to control the liberal American media once they turn against you, kiddies.

Good luck.

I think many people, as evident by some of the comments, do not know what the Sussex's are doing, but seem to get some information from a very angry British press. Yes, the British press, especially the British tabloids, are very angry. A huge source of their income has dried up and right now they are spreading many lies. This post is meant to clear up some misconceptions.

1. The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, and Prince William have been in talks about this since last fall.


The only reason it was released so abruptly is because it was leaked to The Sun, one of the tabloids in Harry’s lawsuit. We can only imagine what spin they would have put on it, so it was decided to release the information themselves.

2. They are trademarking their foundation, SyssexRoyal. One should NOT criticize them for this as William and Catherine have done the same too, both in Britain and America. The purpose is to prevent people from using the name for profit as they are for the charities alone.

3. They are NOT moving from Britain to America and Canada. Keep in mind that Canada is still a Commonwealth country and it shares a land border with the US. Additionally, the Sussex’s will be running their foundations mostly from the UK, dividing their time between the 3 countries.

4. As far as their income, Harry is a very wealthy man, and Meghan has millions also. They can well support themselves, and no, Meghan will not return to acting. She is doing the work she wants to do. Besides, it’s Sovereign Grant money they will no longer take. However, Charles may still provide the allowance he has always given. That is not part of the Sovereign Grant. It is Prince Charles's personal funds upon which he pays taxes. He gives it to whom he wants. When he said he wanted to slim down the monarchy, he was not referring to his son, but to all those living off the of the Queen and Sovereign Grant. Some are already in a good position for this change. The Wessex’s have long ago worked and supported themselves. So have the York girls and Anne’s children.

5. They are not leaving royal duties. But if duty calls them to do a Commonwealth tour, they will use their own proceeds. Normally, the Queen’s Sovereign Grant pays for that, but that gives the British press exclusive rights to report on the tours. In view of racists and gutter reporting, paying for it themselves will mean they are not beholden to give any information to the Rota (British press), who then take it and distort it to gain money. Instead, they will release news only to approved reporters who have shown themselves honest in their reporting. The British tabloids will have to get it second or third hand from them, and if they report something different, it will be seen as a lie. Additionally, Canada and the US has stringent laws against libel and defamation of character, so they will not be subjected to the lies of the press. It should be noted that Harry has long felt this way about the press and his desire to restrict them began well before he met Meghan. But now, such vile reporting has put his wife and son in danger of assassination. There are already two sentenced Nazis in prison for their plans.

6. Racism is everywhere, but it has been virulent in Britain from the first day it was known Harry was dating a bi-racial woman. The press, as well as the people, are responsible for this. They have labeled Meghan a gold digger, a narcissist, labeled her as “uppity” (a very powerful racist accusation in the States), Archie a chimp, a pickaninny (other vile racist words) and have come right out and shown their racism, such as Princess Michael of Kent’s broach, Piers Morgan on GMB, and Katie Hinds in the Australian documentary. This type of offensive rhetoric is vile and abusive. Everything his wife has tried to do, and no matter how well she does, it is met with harsh criticism. On the other hand, to throw a comparison in, suddenly Catherine is God’s answer to Britain, the perfect Queen-to-be, with hardly any of them knowing anything about her personally.