Same sex marriage is finally legal in Northern Ireland

It brings the province in line with the rest of the United Kingdom, where it has been legal since 2014


Well if ones are to afraid to say ..iam going give it straight as possible......the world that we all live in is going down the tubes. Yet most are to blind or busy changeing sexes of themselves to even notice ... some wanna say love wins did love win ..when a guy sucks another man dick or a women eats another women didnt win at all it was reconstructed to fit the needs of whom wanted to portray themselves as lovers of the same sex ....i often wonder why so many diseases come from that type of sexually explicit pleasure ...... the pains of thy pass played a critical role the development of the head over the body ...which brings us to the full fledged circus that the world had become ........its going to remain a battle for the rest of your lives ... for not fully comprehending...the only two major components of anyones life ...doing what is right or doing what is wrong ...