Barack and Michelle Obama's production company scores first Oscar nomination

"Oscar nominations came out today and I'm glad to see 'American Factory's' nod for Best Documentary," Barack Obama wrote in an Instagram post. "This is exactly what Michelle and I hope to achieve through Higher Ground."


Whether it’s insulting dead people, or autistic young climate activists like Greta Thunberg, or using vile names for opponents like ‘Pocahontas,’ or inadvertently starting WWIII to distract from his impeachment (when he accused Obama of starting a war with Iran to get reelected) … the presidency of Donald Trump feels like a bad dream.

If we don't band together as a community to nurture a counter-narrative, especially among Christians, who will stand in his way? Please contribute to our action fund. We're going to need and use every penny. Here’s how:

Trolling of any kind isn’t allowed here. Our words are mild compared to those Trump & his supporters use towards us. They say we serve a ‘false God that we made up.’ If pointing out the actual teachings of Jesus on a daily basis bothers them, we'll live with that. "The Christian Left'