New Jersey bill would eliminate religion as a reason not to vaccinate schoolchildren

"Everyone is entitled to express their opinions but we have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of all children, the people in their lives and in their communities," one sponsor of the bill said.


Complete overreach of Government. This is basically handing your children over to the state and taking parent rights away. Also this has nothing to do with the "greater good" and everything to do with every New Jersey Democrats being in the back pocket of the pharmaceutical companies. That being said for herd immunity to work I think it is required for something like 90 percent of the population New Jersey is at 94 percent. Not an anti vaxxer at all, I'm pro personal rights. It starts with the children they'll be coming for us next and fyi I dont need and HPV, Hepatitis, or flu shot.

Bodily autonomy, civil rights, constitutional rights, Nuremberg code... How many other violations can be listed under this bill! You cannot give the option of exemption to affluent families and take it away from underprivileged, minorities and those who can't pay for their rights! Segregation and discrimination on so many levels. Regardless if you're for or against vaccines... This sets the stage for them to continue to take more of your rights away. If you don't stand for all rights NOW, who will stand for you when they come for something that does affect your family. There will be nobody left.

You only have to look to other states and countries who have mandates to see outbreaks are still happening even with 100% coverage. There is no scientific proof that unvaccinated kids carry and spread illnesses more than vaccinated. Even with 100% vaccination rates there will still always be outbreaks due to Primary/Secondary vaccine failure. Clinical trials that show vaccines are safe/effective are based off healthy participants. Many children with chronic illness/unhealthy immune systems can not produce enough of an immune response to create immunity (giving a false sense of security.) The CDC estimates 1-10% of those vaccinated may not be immune due to primary vaccine failure, but research suggests these numbers are much higher due to the number of chronic illness/auto-immune disease this generation suffers with. Secondary vaccine failure is when the vaccines wanes (which is different for everybody/each vaccine.) And with our current vaccines, illnesses such as measles show boosters are not an effective solution because after the series of 2, additional boosters wane within approx 6 months-2 years. And with each additional booster, protection wanes quicker. Let's not forget that out of the approx 4% who file exemptions, a majority are almost fully vaccinated. Stats show a majority of exemptions are filed due to parents who are behind on vaccinations (mostly for financial reasons) or selectively vaccinating (usually chickenpox and hepatitis are declined.) It is estimated approx 1% are fully unvaccinated. Most parents who decide to discontinue vaccinating, stop because their child's health declined after a vaccine. After researching, they realized the vaccines have ingredients that go against their religious beliefs. How many children in New Jersey are fully unvaccinated, and is there enough evidence to prove removing religious exemptions will prevent outbreaks? Is this evidence enough to remove the human and parental right to decide what pharmaceutical products go into our children? States that have mandates are now moving to add (the questionable) flu and HPV vaccine to the ever growing required schedule. With these mandates we will have little control as to what gets added in the future. California is already working on a mandatory adult schedule...were does this end?

America land of the separated we found our battle lines and choose to stay behind them. We all have children that we are willing to protect by any means necessary and no matter what you do some one will disagree from spanking to standing in the corner this is not up to your government to decide and unfortunately these type of issues are opening everyone up to be touched in any way your government chooses. Next they’ll say in New Jersey more woman get in accidents so for the safety of the roads we’re restricting women’s hours of driving or maybe obese people eat to many snacks so we will pass a restriction on the fast food that is acceptable it’s all the same. These parents aren’t just a group of poor wealthy educated uneducated democrats or republicans these are people that have embedded themselves in a battle that a lot of them didn’t choose. Until you walk in the shoes of a parent that has endured a reaction whether it’s caused by a vaccine or genetic make up of the child to have the testicular fortitude to shame said person is absolutely terrible. The worst part of this whole bill is this may be the only outlet in families of multiple children to keep them in school. Before any troll or misinformed person makes a comment on this statement it is made from a father of a child with a DOCUMENTED vaccine reaction who if given this case in any state would have to make a decision to cause potential problems in my 9 month old daughter after her 3 yr old sister almost died. We have to get smarter we have have to open dialogue on both sides and no matter what side you represent treat each other with respect there’s enough we can hate each other about already.