Ex-Pope Benedict undercuts Francis on priests and celibacy

Retired Pope Benedict has issued a passionate defense of priestly celibacy, saying he "cannot remain silent" as his successor Pope Francis considers easing the prohibition on married men serving as priests.



To the non- catholics, it doesnt matter whether they have celibacy or not!...
What is more important is what Paul the apostle has said, "its better to marry, than to burn"!...

Marriage is a proof the priest is a normal human being; not a sodomist, nor child abuser!...

>Ernesto Roxas Cordero:
So that’s the narrative CNN wants to push. Loaded statements are seeds of something worse than fake news, subtle manipulation.< (CNN. Jan. 13, 2020)

>Ernesto Roxas Cordero:
Did Francis issue any official statements on what he plans?
So there is a narrative being pushed that they are in opposition with each other.

Let's be clear, guys who are celibate don't become child molesters... Sure, they may suffer, but many MANY men suffer from celibacy who are unable to find intimate partners in this world, and they don't go around diddling kids, and the exact same can be said for women.

There's no reason to compromise here, priests are not suppose to engage in physical intimacy, if you can't take that pledge, don't. Paul said it was better to marry than to burn with desire, but he also encouraged men to be as he was, he felt it was better for the church.