Canada's Justin Trudeau: "We will not rest until there is justice and accountability”

Speaking at a vigil on Sunday for victims of the Ukraine International Airlines plane crash, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country "will not rest until there is justice and accountability.” A total of 57 Canadians were killed when the plane was accidentally shot down by Iran on Wednesday.


The truth is that Democrats are not only traitors to America but also the cause of justice: From the American Thinker... President Trump has cut through the lies.
He has said that Qassem Suleimani was not a respected, “austere,” elder statesman.
He said what Iranians already knew, which was that Soleimani was a mass murderer.

From the minute he targeted Suleimani,
Trump has spoken the unvarnished truth,
and has done so in undiplomatic language:
Iran is a dictatorship that spreads terror throughout the world and that practices this terror on its own people.

When Trump invited the Mullahs to lay down their arms, he was telling the people of Iran that he will support them as they fight for liberty.

The left, the democrat party, the American Progressives reject this message.
They call Trump a warmonger and blame him for the Ukrainian crash.
But the Iranians know better
and again are taking to the streets.

Just want to leave this here as a CANADIAN - The man in the picture is the definition of weak and ineffectual leadership. He may have grown a beard to look more grown up but he can't take a firm stance on anything.

I stand by your POTUS and am quite frankly ashamed of our media coverage over the last several weeks on this issue blaming President Trump. I would like to apologize on behalf our media and our citizens that can't seem to separate their TDS from their sympathy for terrorists like General Soleimani and his Islamic Revolutionary Guard that are listed on both of our countries list of known terrorist entities.