Schumer says he believes Iran war powers resolution will pass Senate

Senator Chuck Schumer believes Democrats have the 51 votes needed to pass a resolution limiting President Donald J. Trump's ability to take military action against Iran


-The way Trump attacks anyone that would go against his wishes. The constant smear campaign against those that want to check & balance.
- Somehow they're less than patriotic? - -Somehow they're not supposed to do these things.
-He didn't have to take that tone with our Representatives that We Elected to go do the people's work in Congress.
-We are Republic, and that means we send Representatives to Ensure that your state, and my state gets cut in on the things we do on a macro scale.
-Trump has soured our process, and wants deem it irrelevant. The fact that he obstructs Congress, tries to avoid them at all cost, defames their character, he Bullies his way past the Process, and that's not what the Republic's about.
-But you know the judicial, executive, and the legislative branches are equal, and that's in the Constitution.
-Trump would have you think they're irrelevant.

-How is it that this president can lie to us about everything ?
-Such a lousy human being.
-Trustfund balances getting Low, Lookin mother--!
-Who's the instigator of divisiveness who would besmirched those who were Elected by the People for the People, and there respectively besmirched.
- an imminent threat
Or an intimate threat?
Landing a rocket where his sun don't shine was always on our time.
But you Lie! Instead of saying it was just his time.
-No love lost on his goodbye, it's just another day in your theater of War, please seek peace, not 20 years more.

In the wake of the recent Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren dust up, it is vitally important for everyone to keep their eye on the ball.

No matter who wins the Democratic nomination every single liberal in this country needs to support the candidate running against Donald Trump. It doesn't matter if that person is a centrist or represents the far-left. No one can stay home in protest this time. Every single vote will matter. It is imperative that people see the big picture and not turn tune out if their candidate of choice doesn't win the nomination. There is too much at stake. This can't be a fight between the left and the far-left. That is exactly the scenario Donald Trump wants.

I honestly don't know who has the best chance to beat Trump (outside of Michelle Obama). The Democratic front-runners each have their strengths and weaknesses. But there is also a strategy involved here. Should Democrats try to win back the blue-collar voters they lost in 2016 by going with someone a little more in the middle? Should they go with a far-left candidate to entice younger voters to turn out in greater numbers? That is a very difficult question, and it speaks volumes about how close the poll numbers remain on the Democratic side.

There is no one - repeat no one - who would be a worse president than Donald Trump. I urge you all to put any disappointment aside and support whichever Democratic candidate emerges from the primaries. Donald Trump wants to divide and conquer. That has always been his plan. Only a unified front will put an end to this national nightmare.