Meghan did not dial into royal crisis talks with Queen, source says

She had been expected to call in to the meeting with the Queen and Princes Charles, William and Harry about the Sussexes' decision to step back from senior royal duties. However, the Sussexes decided it was not necessary for her to join the discussion, the source said.


IF, in fact, she didn't call in ... she let her husband handle that business. I'm sure they discussed it. He knows what he wants for his family and their future. Although similar attacks were made against his mother he will not allow it to happen to his wife and child. All of the negative comments / opinions are the reason why they've made such a decision. Attacking his wife in a manner it is being done is bigoted, offensive, divisive, and uncalled for. She's a human being. Let them live their lives as they see fit. And go on with yours

#NotTooNice!!! Love the #GoodCaringQueenAndGrandMother!!!

We should all have the decency to respect #Megxit and Harry’s wishes for financial independence and life away from limelight! They indeed should be responsible for all their expenses commensurate with their very high societal and monarchist standings. Half-measures and in-or-out ridiculousness should all be #Royally put to bed once and for all!

Strange #Megxit announcement with Disney comes out hours before the Royals meeting today ... #FknHollywoodPlotMuch??? #PoorHarry being played like a fiddle!!! #NotOneCanadianTaxpayerDime #ThankYou and #BestOfLuck!

With all do respect, #Megxit IS NOT a Race Issue! It’s an issue of Principles and Ethics! No one, especially not myself, is attacking Meghan or Harry for that matter. Good luck to them both! May they live in peace wherever.

#Megxit: I have to admit it! There is uneven match in skills, maturity and wants! I feel for Archie being isolated from family like she is and always will be. #Harry swings from branch to branch, emotionally fragile and hurt! God bless them and the baby ... I wish them both all the very best!

Looking forward to seeing #Megxit tax dollars in support of Canada and its taxpayers!!! Welcome to Canada eh??? Happy to have you both and baby Archie!

Harry inherited over $40 million from Princess Diana when he turned 30. He also inherited over $10 million at 31 from the Queen’s mum’s estate. Meghan has over $6 million from her acting before they got married!

#Harry is a nice guy and a great person ... but #GG position is for Canadian citizens ... should remain as such! We are a #ParliamentaryMonarchy not A #Monarchy! Big difference ... we worked hard to repatriate our treasured constitution thanks to #PET and #Chrétien!!!

No Canada will not and should not pay for personal security arrangements!