आजादी का नारा लगाएंगे, कागज नहीं दिखाएंगे, CAA के खिलाफ टॉलीवुड ने बुलंद की आवाज

फिल्म इंडस्ट्री ने किया #CAA का विरोध



Sexual threatening scenes, should be totally banned, as was in Kabir Singh and Arjun Reddy, that to by a hero, and people laughing and applauding, praising Shahid for this act. People like seeing bad scenes and making fun of rape scenes but this should be banned and should never ever be presented as a joke, as rape victims..do not get justice and making fun of their situation is very shameful. In the sameway in 3 Idiots, Chamatkar word was replaced with Balaatkar ( rape), and all students.. audience laughed out loud, Directors should find other ways of entertaining people rather,. Making jokes on rapes.बेटा को राक्षस बनने से बचाओ।। संस्कार सिखाओ।।।। संस्कारी बनाओ , समाज को आगे