Newborn giant planet discovered 330 light-years away

Researchers just located a baby giant planet orbiting a young star just 330 light-years from Earth, making it the closest of its kind to us


Should the US fight Iran?
All international patterns and terrorist attacks are made in China, U.S. should fight China. U.S. attack on Iran could be technical details. Taiwan helicopter crash and Soleimani incident are actually China betrayed Iran.
In fact, Iran can change itself, and the US has made efforts to this end. The US can attack Iran, which has not changed, but U.S. must destroy China later. China also saw this, and then instructed Lopesi to stop Trump, Democrats are very sinful!
In addition, Merkel and Russia "worried" about World War III. Explain that they know the evil of China! How much evil determines what result. Russia. Germany stop U.S. war against China,equivalent to do the same evil!

This world can be ours
The factors that determine China are us, other countries, China. China will die if it loses Russia.
We need to change Russia, We can change our attitude towards Russia,We have our own theory, like the physical theorem.
We can grasp our destiny.

My song is the same as Koran.
America has run out of steam in Iran and north Korea.
Can't wait to become slaves,it doesn't matter who has the nuclear weapons.Can break all state relations,there won't be a bad relationship with Iran and a good relationship with China.

America has promised not to attack China
After Mao, the US led countries to trade with China, it was a distribution of benefits.It promised not to use force against China. China should paid the political cost,giving up aggression abilities.But China no.
After Mao, China was the complete opposite of MAO,the US continues its policy toward China,although the Soviet union collapsed, but the US has failed now.This is inevitability of not uphold the principle and justice.
In the future China must attack the US first,All of people think that's "reasonable".but the US doesn't want to attack China now.This is also a promise not to attack China first.
China has been promised for 40 years,the army can only raised pigs.But China has openly disavowed favors,and rejecting glorious relation,said: “the achievements were made by the Chinese people themselves."

Basic meaning of Chinese society
That’s A coup against the people; a coup against good guys; a coup for building a brain control system. This is the basis for understanding China. That’s wrongg to be inconsistent with it.
And its global significance: Ruling the world, killing all good guys.

Active and passive must be distinguished
Westerners believe that because Western countries have become evil, they have cultivated China’s powerful.
In fact,China has seen Western loopholes and seized Western power by force. Originally Capitalism could have continued on its own.

The vital point of the China---- Can't invent
The Chinese are not creative because the Chinese are not good people.
This is also big feature of the Communist Party of China from its founding, every Chinese knows it, it is very simple common sense in China. Now this phenomenon is in all parts of social deeply, and all natural science, humanities knowledge of china are stolen goods.

China's biggest resort
It’s sneak attack, then destroy it the most. It’s in EveryEvery thing, every aspect.
The theorem is: No one can escape a sneak attack. so the US is a child , China is a giant. Moreover, China has waged wars for decades!

The essence of the Communist Party and Xi Jinping is shameless in fact
Killed all world elites, artists, good people; extinct world culture and Western race; Stolen all technologies, controlling politicians, killing people all over the world at will!
No one in history dares to do this, to break through this common moral bottom line.
This is really shameless!

China's fatal flaw ----no response capability
Communist Party headed by Xi Jinping are after generations of the brain-controlling cannibalism class. They are all fools, no response capability. You can beat them with this feature. And they cannot correct this shortcoming.
China does not rely on domestic, but on overseas. Chinese and immigrants of various countries play a decisive role. All countries should eradicate Chinese Powers!

Form guns
Capitalism's tasks: Military struggle, system building, evil elimination.
China saw Western loopholes,rushed into their countrie with brain-control guns and killing. So the sinful Macrons got power and sell the country.
Facing fascism,we should arm the revolution.

China can only saw weakness
China is 100 times more efficient than US.
All of China's victories are from bullying.
Bullies other who is a coward,must fail.In fact,the US bullied Japan in 1980s.So America failed now.
One Japan can defeat China.

About comfort women
I always argue with omnipresent Chinese brain-control:You gang rape and eat my body by brain-control Shooting-wave,turn you into me;Turn me into a comfort woman during World War II.
The war was lost to Japan, the rules should became the same as in Japan.

It’s time to find a graveyard for humans
The situation is getting worse, only one voice left:”Trump has committed impeachable offenses, should be impeached”.
They don’t care that the US has fallen,and how necessary it is for the president to do so!

The Economist:Barack Obama’s administration shunned large-scale raids. Donald Trump has revived them
This proves that Obama is a historical sinner and he helped China become the world hegemon.
All the shootings in USA are brain controlled by China and American capitulaitonist.

When the US has been ruled by China
2 years ago the Turkish coup was launched. In the face of powerful enemies, a great loss!
Now the Democratic Party that has surrendered to China met with representatives from Hong Kong,and Impeaching president,also belong to this class.

Why are four American congresswomen wrong
The nation is dead, the race destroyed, gang-raped by the communists every day.Not taking the country’s rise and fall as their responsibility.The brain controllers of America did it,they have surrendered to China.

Good with Russia,evenge for yourself
Anyway, the United States is going to be ruled by China.
To be close to Russia. Running some good and evil has retribution.
The Democratic Party has completely surrendered to China.