9 key numbers from the New Hampshire primary | Analysis

1.) Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won 51%(!) of the vote among voters 18-29 — an absolutely stunning number | Analysis by Chris Cillizza



The media shortchanges Americans saying things like Americans aren't ready for a revolution. My God how long would it take in their opinion?? England has had healthcare for all (the national health system) for 71 years. America is a leader in medical research which benefits other countries, It doesn't help the majority of Americans because they either can't afford it or the insurance company won't cover it. Look up United States mortality rate, The USA is the only developed country who doesn't have healthcare for all. America is more like Syria always finding yourselves in a war without healthcare for all. Don't you think it's time to evolve. Bless the young Americans because they want to drag America into the future. How can you be a world leader when you are so far behind. And the most wonderful thing is....you have an extremely intelligent man willing to get you there. Bernie has worked tirelessly for YOU the American people for decades. He has so much passion, compassion and love for the American people. Sometimes I think you just don't know how truly lucky you are. It's time to benefit from your taxes. It's time your country recieved some attention ( infrastructure, doing something about climare change, health and safety, corruption, fossil fuel, wage increases, a leader who supports you the workers and unions.) All you have right now is the Trump show. And America is going backwards while the rich get richer. You can't lead by example till you agree by voting to progress/move forward.