US households now hold a record $14 trillion in debt

With the unemployment rate historically low, consumers are encouraged to spend. Credit card debt rose by $57 billion last year.


Get out of the con people. Living beholden to the banks isn’t wife and I got out of that matchstick mansion lifestyle. Left my business, gave up her corporate job, Sold everything, bought a camper came out to Wyoming, paid cash for our 1 acre trailer home on the River and owe no bank....I work 2 mins from home. That old 94bravo training I got in the military finally paid off. A few days a week I gotta work, a little online sales, a few other hustles and life is good. We spend almost everyday together with our children, and go to the National Forest for recreation, and that’s all free!!!!! I know everything isn’t for everyone, but society has con’d you.

Macy's, Sears, AC Moore, Pier One, JCPenney, the list goes on that are going out of business. Thousands of people without a job and they say the jobs record is healthy. Who are they trying play. Or perhaps this is paid Miss information to continue to confuse the people while the violations continue. Stick with a professional economist as they are clearly warning us because of the enforcement of tariffs, and which is deliberately forcing the American people to pay higher prices in which is allowing their stops to gain at our expense big time is destroying our economy. People being forced to pay higher health care and food which takes a huge chunk out of people's income just to have it's greatly reducing the buying power. Along with the companies being forced also to pay higher prices which they will try to pass on to the consumer. But buying power has decreased so now they're laying off workers and closing their doors. And you have to wonder the same worthless corrupted treasonous Republican Administration put the screws to the American people back in the Bush Administration when they allowed a recession. When the banks closed their doors and kept the people's money. What a lot of these Fat Cats in Washington who are invested in real estate get to buy up the bankruptcies atalo purchase price. People like Trump and his son-in-law who are heavily invested in real estate rental take advantage of the bankruptcies and jack up the rent even higher. How does steam corrupted worthless treasonous Republican Administration has been allowed to stay in office after they already screwed America / is absolutely dumbfounding. They have done nothing for America but they sure as hell had done a lot for their selves