Susan Collins' defense of her Trump vote just keeps looking worse and worse | Analysis

President Donald J. Trump's revenge tour against his political enemies makes Maine Sen. Susan Collins' claim that Trump had learned his lesson from the impeachment proceedings all the more outlandish | Analysis by Chris Cillizza


Donald J Trump has once again broken a record by winning the highest amount of votes ever recorded in a presidential primaries.

Despite the fact that only 70% of the votes have been counted, Donald Trump has beaten all his predecessors by sweeping 120,000 votes, doubling that of his predecessor Barrack Obama who had barely 49,080 votes in 2012.

This only proves how prepared Donald Trump is for 2020, with his base more United than ever. It is the first time in Republican history that the party has been so United under one man.

I warned Democrats before now, your witch-hunting will backfire. Your media blackmailing of Trump using CCN will spell your doom!

This is just the beginning!
Trump 2020!

Even Trump's challenger Bill Weld decided not to make a statement, getting below 10% of the already announced votes.

The question remains if the Democrats can bring in a top candidate who can compete with Trump. For now, they seem to be bringing the homosexual Pete Buttigieg who is married to a man or the socialist old man Bernie Sanders.

Not the hopeless, shameless sycophants ~ but the others, the ones who believe themselves to remain in possession of something resembling principle, KNOW that he’s the worst of us, in spirit and in deed.

You could see this in their behavior, as they scurried into elevators to avoid reporters’ questions or twisted themselves into logical pretzels to explain why Trump should avoid accountability. Their shame was some small measure of justice. A few, like Susan Collins (Maine) or Cory Gardner (Colo.), may even face a more tangible punishment at the polls.

Another measure of justice was on display in all the ways Trump forced Republicans to defend his misconduct. Their cowardice and dishonesty was laid bare, as their pathetic excuses for Trump’s behavior couldn’t even keep up with the president’s pride in his own sins. He didn’t do it, they said, only to watch him step to the cameras and say that he did do it, and he’d do it again.

In the end, Democrats should be proud that they took a stand without much obvious political advantage to be gained, knowing that they would not prevail, simply because it was right.

What would we have concluded if in the face of Trump’s corrupt actions Democrats had said that they wouldn’t impeach him because they couldn’t win a conviction? What would they have said about their obligations to the Constitution, to the country, to the ideals that we want our government to embody?
They would be the ones feeling shame, and rightly so. Instead, they can say that at least for a moment, their own political fortunes became less important than principle and the truth.

History’s judgment does matter. A hundred or even 500 years from now, Americans will look back and say that Trump was the worst the country could cough up at a moment of fear and rage. Those who enabled him will be remembered as knaves and cowards. And those who stood up to him will be honored. Don’t doubt it for a moment.

Paul Waldman

Should the US fight Iran?
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America has promised not to attack China
After Mao, the US led countries to trade with China, it was a distribution of benefits.It promised not to use force against China. China should paid the political cost,giving up aggression abilities.But China no.
After Mao, China was the complete opposite of MAO,the US continues its policy toward China,although the Soviet union collapsed, but the US has failed now.This is inevitability of not uphold the principle and justice.
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Basic meaning of Chinese society
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The Economist:Barack Obama’s administration shunned large-scale raids. Donald Trump has revived them
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Why are four American congresswomen wrong
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