5 takeaways from the New Hampshire Democratic primary

In New Hampshire, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got the televised celebration that eluded him a week earlier. But once again, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg made him sweat.



The Economist:Barack Obama’s administration shunned large-scale raids. Donald Trump has revived them
This proves that Obama is a historical sinner and he helped China become the world hegemon.
All the shootings in USA are brain controlled by China and American capitulaitonist.

When the US has been ruled by China
2 years ago the Turkish coup was launched. In the face of powerful enemies, a great loss!
Now the Democratic Party that has surrendered to China met with representatives from Hong Kong,and Impeaching president,also belong to this class.

Why are four American congresswomen wrong
The nation is dead, the race destroyed, gang-raped by the communists every day.Not taking the country’s rise and fall as their responsibility.The brain controllers of America did it,they have surrendered to China.

Good with Russia,evenge for yourself
Anyway, the United States is going to be ruled by China.
To be close to Russia. Running some good and evil has retribution.
The Democratic Party has completely surrendered to China.

Why isn't the US doing the right thing
Because the long-standing thinking pattern of trade culture;although believe in equality and freedom but, have no thought of active revolution;only kindness and self-improvement, but tolerating evil, the mission is not to save humanity.

North Korea will not give up its nuclear weapons
China only USES dementia, it's reactionary nature,this determines that it would never stop to aggress the world.North Korea will never give up its nuclear weapons too!America is just for show,and perish in self-deception!

Self-deception is the greatest blot on the soul
The war with China is different from the previous capitalist war, and different from the war that can surrender, it is an extinction.
America is afraid of war and forgot about their ancestors and how civilization was preserved.

The US must find a real revolutionary road
That one million people in Hong Kong will die in three or five years,America has never been able to go to war over such things,china also knows. There is no revolutionary spirit in the West, and capitalism should not be like this.

Japan and South Korea
Takeshima and dokdo should be easy to solve,history should not be looked back,the issue of comfort women must not be raised again,trade list should always be white!
China uses pluralistic world, historical right and wrong, to drive countries apart.