Trump's Roger Stone power play reveals a presidency unleashed | Analysis

"By bulldozing into Roger Stone's sentencing, Donald Trump sparked a mutiny by four career prosecutors, raised fears about the impartial administration of justice and showed how his impeachment acquittal unchained an already rampant presidency," writes Stephen Collinson | Analysis


THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION ON THE PART OF CNN!! Please research this, the justice department had made this decision before any tweet went out by the President & there was no correspondence with the White House concerning this issue before the decision was made..... CNN hates our President so much, they try to blame everything they can on him. I used to watch CNN constantly until I found out that they were being paid & influenced by the Obama administration to put out propaganda & biased news. They are no longer a reliable source for news, they are more like the national enquirer that you see at the store registers, VERY UNRELIABLE!!

For 3 years the DNC has harassed a duly elected President! We are sick & tired of this new progressive. Socialist/ Marxist party & they should be tried for sedition & a coup! There is no civility & Members of Congress making conditions supporting our President very dangerous & called people all kind of names! We are sick of Saul Alinsky Marxist agenda of Soros Marxist deep
I never thought I’d see American Citizens supporting our enemy “Socialism” !!! Really terrible & unPatriotic to all who served! I am sickened to see people so greedy for free stuff that they’d sell Grandkids freedom for it! Sad day ! Barb