Some House Democrats are starting to get very nervous about Bernie Sanders | Analysis

Some of the most vulnerable House Democrats are expressing significant unease at the prospect of sharing a national ticket with an avowed democratic socialist | Analysis by Chris Cillizza


How is it that people don't understand that we've been a soft democratic socialist state since FDR? Social Security (It's in the name for Pete sake), Unemployment, Federal Minimum Wage, welfare programs, public housing, education, etc.

For those that think you'll be slaves to the state... you already are! They take somewhere between 20%-35% of your check-in taxes. (BTW, the rich people don't pay that much. Not even close.)

We are ALREADY democratic socialists! And you're all arguing against better education, better healthcare, better retirements, better job benefits.

I swear this whole country has gone absolutely daft.

The thing is... even if I personally love Bernies ideas, unless both houses also turn blue, it will be impossible for him to do any of it. If I thought that would happen, I'd be all for Bernie. But that isn't likely. It will just be four more years of division. I would rather have someone like Amy Klobuchar, who will unite our government to actually get things done. In the end, he realistically won't be able to do any more than she can, because you can only do what is achievable. I'm tired of the fighting and the division and I vote to end the drama. Of course, if he wins the nomination I will vote for him and I hope every democrat comes out to vote to do the same. If we are going to remain divided at least trump will be gone.

I think the only person capable of going head to head is Mike Bloomberg. I had no idea who he was until I did a lot of research. He has the intelligence, he's self-made, great education (Harvard !) honest and humble (takes responsibility for past mistakes and apologizes if he is wrong); compassionate. Why would one of the wealthiest men in the world want to be POTUS? Why walk into the most stressful job on earth? He doesn't need money or power. He already has both. He wants to be president because he wants to get this country back on track and dump Trump. I'm voting for him. And anyone undecided, I think MB is the best choice: we have to fight fire with fire and money with money. Bloomberg KNOWS Trump very well. Only he can get the job done. If you want to know about him, read here and be amazed.