In 141 years of record-keeping, there has never been a warmer January

In 141 years of record-keeping from NOAA, there has never been a warmer January


As a US person sceptical of government that doesn't like either party, I tend to try and get info from both sides of arguments. I will say that what I have read here so far is as least mostly debates instead of insults and that is refreshing. I do not believe the science is settled personally. I think there are many factors. Those calling people science deniers, have you researched the otherside? Or those that do not agree with people believing it is man caused, researched their side? Those saying that someone agrees or disagrees because of political affiliation, thought maybe it isn't political to that person and has no bearing?

Instead of saying "scientists say", realize they do not agree the 97%. That poll was taken from a database scan of peer reviewed papers (about 4,000) of climate change and global warming. 97% agree there is climate change, I think most people do. 1.6% say it is man caused. Because pure science is not based on consensus, That 1.6% can be right or wrong. Also means the 97.4% have different levels of man's influence. Just saying, before bashing people, research, get your opinion based on that, and still be civil enough to agree to disagree. I think most here don't trust politicians (one thing almost all parties can mostly agree on) and the IPCC is politically driven, ex member agree to that. Take time and research different sides like most things in life should be.