Senate passes Iran War Powers resolution despite Trump's opposition

JUST IN: The US Senate passes a War Powers resolution aimed at reining in President Donald J. Trump's ability to use military action against Iran without congressional approval


This is giving the green light to Iran to do anything it pleases. The War Powers Act never intended that the President have his hands tied, only that once military action began, it had to be short term unless Congress authorized further action. Thank goodness it will be veto'ed. The only thing that this will prevent is the killing of terrorist leaders who are in the Iranian government or military since there are no soldiers in Iran. But if Iran were to pull something, we would have to wait for Congress to meet, debate it, and approve it. Do you hate President Trump so much that you are willing to remove quick reaction from our defenses?

This president continuously invites other countries to help him attack other Americans for his political advantage. Including using leverage of military relief money to get a fake investigation announced so he could say whatever he wanted about it after that. He didn't really need an investigation, just an announcement.

Since day one.

On July 27, 2016, then candidate Trump ASKED HOPEFULLY and earnestly for Russia to ATTACK us("Russia, if you're listening, I HOPE you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing"). Now he wants them(Ukraine this time, or China, or whoever will do it, he doesn't care) to do it again.(attack our election system by attacking a political opponent during a campaign) Meanwhile, Russia has been electronically interfering in our election process this whole time and there is a congressional report that all 50 states were at least probed by hackers, some more than that. Wonder why mitch has refused for so long to spend a dime on election security? Look at his campaign donations.

On July 16, 2018, Trump stood in front of the whole world in Helsinki and DEFENDED Putin, in person, for attacking us. "People came to me, Dan Coats, came to me, and some others, they said they think it's Russia? Uh, I have, uh, President Putin, uh, he just said it's not Russia. I will say this, I dont see any reason why it would be." THESE ARE TRUMPS EXACT WORDS, SO DONT ASK ME WHAT MY PROOF IS. Dan Coats was trump's 2nd? Director of National Intelligence, and told trump that, because it was the truth, according to every intelligence service we have AND the Mueller report, where Mueller himself said multiple times that these attacks should concern every American. Trump has lied about this, asked others to lie about it, and cover it up every single day, despite overwhelming evidence and every Intel agency we have and Congress saying Russia did that. A recently released SENATE report also confirmed this. This is all undeniable, he did it in public, right in front of us. I also believe he had advance knowledge of these attacks on our democracy and elections(he KNEW Russia already had those emails through his 100+ secret contacts[Roger Stone] during the campaign and were going to release them, that's why he asked. Simply asking IS treason and illegal). Do you ever wonder why trump and his family REFUSED to speak to Mueller? Maybe this is why.

Trump actually ATTACKS some demographic of the MAJORITY of this country and our constitution on a daily basis. I am upholding my oath to defend my constitution from this clear domestic enemy.
If you've read this far, pay attention to the trial of roger stone. He was the go between for the trump campaign and Wikileaks. His trial started 11/6/19. The opening statement by the prosecutor is jaw dropping. Read the transcript.

#impeachandremove bring an intelligent argument or leave a laugh emoji if you don't have one. Good luck defending this one.

The fact that some Republicans joined with the Democrats in the SENATE speaks volumes. There's nothing wrong in them doing this. Trump however will likely throw a tantrum on Twitter and take this far more personal than it needs to be. He's not a dictator or a king. Our Presidents need to expect that balance of power our Government was created to have. We have checks and balances for legitimate reasons. Our Constitution and its Amendments demand it. Republicans say that they want to uphold and protect them ( our sacred documents) ? Then follow , respect, and enforce them. Even if it's not necessarily in your ' favor ' at times. Democrats would be good to do the same. No favoritism here..... Trump vetoes this, we may have a major and scary issue ..... question is : IF we DO have that issue, what are We the People as a collective whole going to do about it ? November is coming.....

Boy is that a big surprise they're going to let Russia down in which is the only reason why they allowed Russia to put Trump in office against the American people's will is due to the fact that Russia had invaded Ukraine back in 2014. President Obama enforce sanctions on Russia for the invasion in which the sanctions had stopped a 500 trillion dollar merger between Russia and Exxon. The reason why Trump has made the CEO of Exxon secretary of the state. The reason why Trump has put the oil politer in charge of the EPA in which has been stripped so badly are Children's Health are are water and our Wildlife are indeed no longer protect it. Just a short while ago Trump announce the removal of our troops from Syria, leaving a few troops behind to protect the oil. Reports indicated Russia wasted no time and quickly moved in and Trump had bribed upon of fox interview January 11th 2020 that he's invading countries and taking their oil. In which we all are fully aware will cause a war, and put our military In Harm's Way. The reason why they are taking out military leaders in other countries a strategy to weaken other countries military defense so that they can invade and take their oil in which Trump has admitted to. That's why the corruption is being so aggressively protective because they're all involved. McConnell the top Underdog because he stopped President Obama from warning the people and noticed how they never took actions against Russia for The Invasion.