Bernie Sanders' path to the nomination was blazed by Trump 4 years ago | Analysis

It might sound strange, but Bernie Sanders right now has a lot in common with Donald Trump from 2016 | Analysis by Michael Warren


Gonna go right ahead and call BS. Sanders' path to the 2020 nomination was blazed by Sanders' path to the 2016 nomination. You just want to compare him to Trump to scare people. It's pathetic.

The only difference between Sanders then and Sanders now is that there's like four Hillary's now instead of one, and CNN looooves every one of them, even the mayor of Nowhere with no actual platform, most especially the billionaire buying up all of America's down-ticket politicians (oh and also all the adverti$ing on CNN).

Every time it's election season y'all become just as bad as Fox News. Maybe worse; at least they don't pretend to care.

The media shortchanges Americans saying things like Americans aren't ready for a revolution. My God how long would it take in their opinion?? England has had healthcare for all (the national health system) for 71 years. America is a leader in medical research which benefits other countries, It doesn't help the majority of Americans because they either can't afford it or the insurance company won't cover it. Look up United States mortality rate, The USA is the only developed country who doesn't have healthcare for all. America is more like Syria always finding yourselves in a war without healthcare for all. Don't you think it's time to evolve. Bless the young Americans because they want to drag America into the future. How can you be a world leader when you are so far behind. And the most wonderful thing have an extremely intelligent man willing to get you there. Bernie has worked tirelessly for YOU the American people for decades. He has so much passion, compassion and love for the American people. Sometimes I think you just don't know how truly lucky you are. It's time to benefit from your taxes. It's time your country recieved some attention ( infrastructure, doing something about climare change, health and safety, corruption, fossil fuel, wage increases, a leader who supports you the workers and unions.) All you have right now is the Trump show. And America is going backwards while the rich get richer. You can't lead by example till you agree by voting to progress/move forward.

Look, I am an unyielding Warren supporter. However, I firmly believe Sanders will win the most votes of any candidate when it's all said and done. Let's let the votes fall where they may, but when it's time to endorse Bernie let's go ahead and do it. Bernie is a winter candidate. A winter candidate is someone who tells you something you don't want to hear (Warren/Sanders), but ultimately leads the country into significant reforms and changes. These so-called winter candidates are actually great for the economy, because like the actual winter, it paves the way for an important new market and different market. The new market can undoubtedly only be better than the last 30 year cycle, so I say go ahead and bring that candidate. The truth is if we stick to this Reagan economy (that we are still on) the world will literally be on fire. We have the warmest January in recorded history all over the world. No snow in Michigan. No snow in New York. That is not ok. That is not normal. At some point, corporations must think about the future and long-term interests. Ultimately, they cannot sell their products if the human race is extinct. Bernie will bring in a new market and a new economic era, which I predict will have better wages, higher retirement returns, and better consumer protection. I welcome that. I think America is insane wanting to keep the market as is.

No, it doesn't sound strange it's actually really obvious - Americans are SICK OF THE POLITICAL CLASS. Obama was "hope and change" and we all got 3x the same stuff as Bush and Clinton. Since Obama didn't stop indefinite detention, torture, mass surveillance or the wars America sent Donald Trump to tell them off to their smug little faces.

Sanders is just another political outsider (from the washington beltway types) on the other side of the political distribution and is yet another version of "Hey Nancy Pelosi and Mitch Mcconnell - WE ALL HATE YOU. As long as whoever goes to washington CONTINUES TO TELL OFF THE POLITICAL CLASS (D + R) were all good.


I think Michael Warren is spot on in his comparison of the 2016 Republican Primary process and the 2020 Democratic Primary process. What I think scares mainstream Democrats is the impact of the Electoral College in the general election. Can Sanders steal enough votes, in key battleground States, to beat Trump is the big question. I think most mainstream Democrats see an easier path, in the Electoral College, for Joe Biden since he could steal the votes of voters less likely to vote for Sanders. Is a President Sanders a possibility - absolutely yes. Is this likely - who knows! A few years ago few took Trump's chances of becoming President seriously. His under-polling was so significant that even his own campaign team though they would lose the election until late in the evening of election day. Will Trump underpoll again? Will Sanders underpoll? I think a Sanders/Trump race would be too close to call until a few days before the election - perhaps even until election day. I am amazed by those supremely confident that Sanders will win the Democratic Nomination and easily beat Trump. They could be right but I have never been that confident in any Candidate winning, in the general election, since Reagan ran for his second term in 1984.