A second case of the coronavirus has been confirmed among evacuees at California air base

A new case of the novel coronavirus has been confirmed among evacuees at a San Diego County, California air base, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said



I hope that someone in the medical field will listen to this. Two people are held in quartine on a cruise ship. They breathe the same air,share the same bed, shower, soap, etc. Only ONE of them tested positive, and was removed to a hospital. Her husband is still quarantined, but has continued to test negative. The ONLY outside influence is the food that they eat! It makes absolute sense that the virus is food borne. Obviously they did not eat the same foods at every meal. Did one prefer sea food? Chicken? Beef? Did the person who tested positive digest something that her spouse did not? Some people love many types of seafood, while others shy away from it in favour of what they DO enjoy. If they can determine WHO ATE WHAT, I believe that this is where the CORE problem lies. They have tried everything else....so why not this? It makes more sense than anything else that has been suspected! It HAS to be a food contamination...of fish, lobster, crab, etc. Or chicken, beef, etc. The only way to find the common denominator, is to have the quarantined people keep track of what they eat IN COMPARISON TO EACH OTHER!!