This new immigration rule is un-American | Opinion

"The "public charge" rule change which took effect Monday to block poor or disabled immigrants from seeking better lives in the United States is quintessentially Trumpian — and quintessentially un-American," writes Rep. Eric Swalwell for CNN Opinion


Why would we accept people who won’t be able to support themselves? Why should I have to pay for someone to come here from another country and live off my work? It’s not right. People need to grow up and realize that life is hard. Being American isn’t a right. It’s a privilege that has to be earned. If you can’t earn it then you can’t come in. There’s billions of people out there. We can’t take everyone. If we do then you can say goodbye to what makes this country so great. Grow up Libtards. It’s like a life boat that holds 40 people while 100 people are in the water. You can’t take everyone or the boat will sink.

I do not understand what’s the news here. This has been in place for decades. The Diversity Lottery Visa I immigrated with as a US permanent resident in 2012 did require proof of being able to take care of myself financially once I came here. A bank account statement, proof of properties and other goods ownership were a must. And it was required so all the way along the 12 years I applied for it. The B1/B2 (Tourist Visa) I have applied for my parents to come visit, equally. The student visa, the same. The point is that the US is not seeking to open the door to people who intend to come here and become homeless, live on social income, without working. Those days when immigrants would land to build America at Ellis Island for registration are gone. America has been built, now it needs to be taken care of and open the doors to valuable citizens. One does not come here from poverty to seek richness, those days are gone too, as you can’t come with $20 in your pocket and open a business to become a millionaire in a few years. One should come here to seek freedom and a better life, which is granted.