Novel coronavirus cases top 79,000 amid worsening outbreaks in South Korea and Italy

New coronavirus outbreaks are continuing to expand in South Korea and Italy, raising fears of a global pandemic. Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that the novel virus is the worst public health crisis facing the country since its founding.


You neglect to mention that there aren’t actually 79,000 cases. 22,600 people have already recovered. Stop trying to create a panic. Treat this rationally, and focus on eradicating it exactly like we did SARS: Identification, Isolation, Quarantine.

In other words, carefully screen anyone who may have been exposed as you discover them. Isolate those people from the non-infected public, in a safe and comfortable place. And finally, quarantine the area that the sick and carriers are in, and give them good medical treatment.

They will suffer through a terrible flu that could lead to pneumonia. Treat it, help them get better. The overwhelming majority will recover. And after that time, quarantine them a bit longer to monitor their vitals and be certain they are well.

And more virus. That’s it. You let it run its course among the already infected while treating them and possibly even creating a vaccine. Thoroughly disinfect areas exposure may have occurred with a substance proven to eliminate the virus.

Then keep at it until there are no sick hosts and no virus in the public. That’s how we ended SARS. We didn’t find a magic cure, we made it extinct. This has happened before, it will happen again, but each time we get better at handling these terrible situations.

China is going to have a very rough time for a few months, but they will be okay in the end. They’re strong, smart, experienced people. And we have top scientists and doctors researching this all over the world around the clock.

We got this. It will be okay. The loss of life is very sad, so keep the people of China in your thoughts and support them while they are quarantined.

Just like how SARS started from China years ago. The CCP tried to cover it up from the beginning and it spreaded all over the world, thousands people die (estimated, since numbers from CCP is always questionable).

Years later, the scientists discovered it was related to bat. However, not much change in regulations or standard of cleanliness. People in China still eating bat and all kind of weird animals. The treatment of these animals are heartbreaking. Whatever the virus originated, it just matter of time another new virus going to created.

So many health safety issues from China for the past decades (H5N1 bird flu, SARS, numerous fake or toxic food, medicine, drugs, products, pollution...etc). This Corona virus just another one for them, as usual, the CCP will try to cover the truth, shift their responsibility, glorify their response, and points fingers to others (probably US now because of the trade war) and CCP did a fantastic job brainwashed their citizens.

CCP or majority of China dont care much about public health safety. Human life doesn't mean much in China. probably, that's how they control their population. That's why rich or poor, government officials, celebrities, or regular citizens. They all want to go to the west. However, why does rest of the world have to suffer ?

There are numbers of cases people from China awared they were infected and intentionally go to other cities or countries and try to spread the virus.

It was first discovered in China back in beginning of dec 2019 and CCP didnt disclose until mid jan 2020. God knows how many and where these infected people are since it might not have any symptoms for days.

Hopefully, the cost of this lesson will be minimal. Rest of the world needs to understand that CCP wont change and dealing with China will have unforeseen consequences.

As for the citizens in China, hope this is a wake up call to questions CCP for their repeatedly wrong doing for decades.

PS. The "hospitals" in China they just built, those are probably holding areas before send the bodies to the crematories to cover the death toll since the existing crematories cant keep up with the deaths.