Bipartisan concern and outrage about coronavirus spill over on Capitol Hill

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer accused the Trump administration of having "no plan to deal with the coronavirus" and called the current outbreak "a crisis"


Calling it a crisis is severely overstating and borders on fear mongering. Not to say it couldn’t become a crisis but lets keep some perspective here.

Flu deaths in the same period of time are between between 16,000- 41,000 according to the CDC.
If reports are to be believed Corona has killed around 2,700 people in roughly the same period of time.

Both have a similar death to hospitalization ratio and both are mainly dangerous to the very young, old, and people with weaken immune systems.

Source of Flu stats

Source of Corona Virus Stats:

In 2018, Trump tried to cut $65 million from this budget – a 10% reduction. In 2019, he sought a 19% reduction. For 2020, he proposed to cut federal spending on emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases by 20%. This would mean spending $100 million less in 2020 to study how such diseases infect humans than the US did just two years ago.
Congress reinstated most of this funding, with bipartisan support. But the overall level of appropriations for relevant CDC programs is still 10% below what the US spent in 2016, adjusting for inflation.
Even worse, in 2018 the administration disbanded its own global health security team, which was supposed to make the US more resilient to the threat of epidemics. This unfortunate decision was part of a reorganization that former national security adviser John Bolton carried out shortly after arriving at the White House.
Bolton eliminated the National Security Council’s global health security and biodefense directorate, and reshuffled its team of world-class infectious disease experts. In response, two highly respected leaders in the field – Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer, the NSC’s senior director for global health security and biodefense, and Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert – left the White House.

Schumer is causing people to over-react and that's his mission. To make Trump look bad when we need to be truthful, open with what's going on not scare people for your political gain is and has been Schumer's public plan for a long time. He's been caught too many times and this is one of those times, it's a sin what he did. #1 there are only 53 cases on main land America #2 we have people working on the situation mainly controlling who enters the country and making sure they are held until there is no sign of the virus, #3 Trump added 2.3 BILLION to the resources to fight the spread and contain what's already here and research for a vaccine. NOW if Schumer has a problem with $2.3 BILLION? Guess what Congress can add as much as they want so Schumer is LYING TO AMERICANS AGAIN (on aside note Schumer has been my Senate Rep as long as he has been in office, he has screwed NY'ers for years unless they are the NYC wall street liberals who don't represent the rest of the state, this go round he has lost his other strength the Jewish vote who openly let it be known he's history next election)