'He understands us': Why his supporters are loyal to Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders supporters are bound to the senator through a covenant of trust that he will be their unwavering, unchanging champion. In almost every interview with a Sanders voter, they eventually utter some variation of the phrases: "I trust him" or "I believe him."



Too bad his supporters aren't more level headed. They believe his over the top promises without examining how all Sanders promised freebies are going to be paid for. I've seen several sources that conclude that at $15 an hour the tax increases Sanders would implement would leave a take home pay of between $6.30 and $7.02 take home. While that is more take home than the current minimum wage gives you it isn't a living wage - because of Sanders lack of doing the math. His $25 trillion health care for all will actually cost between $50 - $60 trillion. Sanders himself has stated he doesn't know how much his promises will cost but he knows it will involve an increase in taxes on everyone's paycheck, among other things. I'm not going to lie, I have a serious problem paying for someone else's education after having paid for my own. I also have a problem with having to pay for others healthcare when I pay for my own. I also have a major problem with a Socialist running as a Democrat simply so he can get on the ticket. No, I'm not a republican; I'm a Democrat who wants others to realize Sanders is an unacceptable candidate due to his inability to come up with a viable way to pay for all his handouts without taking MY HARD EARNED MONEY to do so.