Moderate and establishment Democrats struggle to challenge Sanders

As Sen. Bernie Sanders emerges from his commanding victory in last weekend's Nevada caucuses, the Democratic establishment and the party's sizable moderate wing are increasingly anxious over his steady march to the presidential nomination -- yet they lack any sort of cohesive plan to stop him.


There doesn't need to be a plan - its a process to select someone. If they pick Sen Sanders, and he gets 50% of the delegates in 1 or 2 or 3 votes at the convention, that's their choice.

But there are candidates that quickly need to decide if they are viable. If I were perhaps Sen Warren or Sen Klobuchar, maybe even Mayor Buttigieg, are they just going to try accumulate some delegates to play a role at a brokered convention?

The overall vote seems pretty evenly split between the "Sanders Lane" and the more moderate lane.

“For all who care about indigenous rights, poor people’s rights, democracy, and the environment, what’s happened in Bolivia has been a tragedy of incalculable proportions. Morales cut poverty in half and reduced extreme poverty even further, and he was creating an eco-socialist Bolivia by giving the environment equivalent rights to human beings. His move to continue running for re-election was entirely legal and supported by the dominant facet of of Bolivia’s voting population, and the U.S. media’s disingenuous outrage about him ‘undermining Bolivia’s democracy’ has led to the creation of a genocidal dictatorship.

“What is the lesson that the opponents of fascism, imperialism, and capitalism can learn from this? It’s that socialists should always approach revolution with the goal of dismantling the structure of the capitalist state, as opposed to working around the power of the state.”

I’m going to express my opinion, knowing full well the BS supporters don’t want to hear anything but undying support of him. I’ve been around long enough-yes, I’m one of “those boomers” who is tired of being referred to in the pejorative-but my voice counts as much as any other. I’m not alone here either. I’ve watched Bernie over the years and, yes, he’s been consistent. He’s not got any record of length or importance, fact-check it. He has a LONG recorded, documented history of supporting regimes that were oppressive to their people. He was in the audience in Nicaragua at a rally when a chant was screamed “death to the Yankees.” He speaks admiringly about how Castro brought reading and writing to his people-forget that Castro locked up his opposition, dissidents, tortured and murdered many. That’s equivalent to saying well yeah, the Chinese were horrible in Tiananmen Square, but they had beautiful parades. Seriously? The Right are licking their chops at the thought of BS! Forget Florida-Cubans? Gone to Trump at the thought someone might remotely sympathize with Castro. This country is not about to elect ANYONE that might be construed as a sympathizer to regimes that have been our adversary! He wants to drastically restructure or government in a completely unpopular way. There’s NOTHING coming for free-TAXPAYERS will foot the bill. Yes, raise taxes on those not paying their fair share. Most in the middle class have wanted this kind of fairness forever. Doable. Yet his plans would decimate the already outrageous debt. One thing the political party on the right has used against the left for decades is FEAR-they’re experts at it! Iraq-mushroom cloud, very Liberal candidates-McGovern in 72’ and Dukakis in 88’-FEAR! Get a grip! They’ll DESTROY Sanders and the middle, moderates, though vast in numbers, can’t pull it off alone. Yes, those of us who’ve watched politics for decades, who KNOW the history of oppressive regimes and don’t want any empathizers, and know this country, BS will take us right off the cliff into the abyss of HELL-DUMP for 4 more years and America loses her freedoms, our Democracy erased, and this election is to GD important! Wake up!