Trump itching to scale back social distancing after 15 day-period, aides say

Aides say President Donald J. Trump is itching for the guidelines to be eased at the end of the 15-day period, but realistically there are few health experts who think that's enough time to know whether the measures he announced last week will suffice


Viet Nam unlike Australia & many other countries is yet to have a fatality & the number of infected people are about 120.

Maybe Oz could consider doing what they've done.

In the little Johnny Arselicker refused to apologise for his party's illegal invasion of their country, that might be difficult for him, Scroto, Spud, Bashup etc.

Our testing kits here are cheap & the results are back in an hour.

Also the Comrades are unafraid of media scrutiny (& everything & everyone else too) & have shown great courage (they've always had that in spades) & welcome the media into every area of the way they're handling things here.

Until the numbers start to decline and we get a sniff of a vaccine how in the hell can you even give a time frame? Talk about fake news. Me and mine been on self isolation for 10 days now. This shyt gonna go until a vaccine is produced and the numbers decline. Wake up people this imbecile is in over his head!!!!!! Just think, the numbers will be x10 in 15 days. Well we looking at 12 days now. Basically at the end of the month. You gonna tell me we gonna scale something back? And we likely gonna be looking at 150,000 with the coronavirus at that point. You did what you did and there are only 30,000 with it now....cmon people be smarter than this.....I don’t even need to listen to him no more, cause he is clueless.

He is looking at this from a Utilitarian perspective. The economy is in a full nose dive. Thousands (if not milions) of Americans who own small businesses are about to have their livelihoods and families ability to live decimated. If people cannot work and live it will lead to severely bad consequences as people get desperate. Rioting, looting, full lawlessness, increased crime rates, and a mass suicide epidemic are not outside the realm of possibility if this lockdown continues. Furthermore, people are not listening to government orders to stay in anyway so short of martial law what is he supposed to do? I do not know if this is the right answer but everything is worth considering to protect the nation as a whole. If the country is on lockdown for 2-3 months and the mass majority suffer economic hardship to the point they cannot survive and pay bills what do they expect to happen? Consider everything and make the best choice to help the most people.