Los Angeles Sheriff orders gun stores shut down due to coronavirus restrictions

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the order is to help "make sure (nonessential businesses) honor the social distancing and display some common sense." Gun stores in Los Angeles, and across the country, have reportedly seen increases in sales amid coronavirus concerns.



I've seen this kind of thing before, but normally in post apocalyptic zombie movies. People were always talking about the zombie apocalypse, but in reality the parallels between science fiction and this pandemic are pretty much the same. Watch something like 28 Days, The Book of Eli, The Walking Dead, Children of Men or the old Twilight episode "The Shelter" and you will see how people react in times like these. Your friendly next door neighbor will disembowel you if you're standing between him and a morsel of food... believe it! There are good people out there and they will be there for you because they had little more foresight than others.