New York governor demands stockpiled ventilators go to his state first in fiery news conference

"Four hundred ventilators? I need 30,000 ventilators ... You're missing the magnitude of the problem, and the problem is defined by the magnitude," Cuomo said. "The President said it's a war. It is a war. Well, then, act like it's a war."


Infectious diseases, viral outbreaks, bacterial outbreaks, fungal outbreaks, any kind of contagious outbreaks, pandemics, need to not have rotating door personnel.

No party line loyalties. Politicians from any side can go and play musical chairs with anything else as the American people always allowed and laws permit.

Everbody knows immigration issues/policies and trying to figure out how to stop big companies from exploiting bailout is being traded on the Washington DC market.

These companies are going to do everything they can to get rid of long term employees and replace them with newbies who most definitely will take the jobs at lower salaries. Why won't they? The bottom line is always the bottom line no matter how many are dying, how many survive or were never infected and want their jobs back.

What are the chances upper management will be giving themselves bonuses for 'working so hard.'

CNN - do you think you could report a bit more on the fact we still don’t actually know how bad it is in all the other states? Less than 4500 tests done in Las Vegas. We really have no clue how bad it is there. Well no, I have a clue actually but the spotlight is constantly on NY. I appreciate what Cuomo is doing but when you have one state which has done thousands of tests and others who have done a slight percentage of that it’s troubling when resources start being parsed out. Better reporting of the entire country’s situation would be appreciated. You can’t tell me Vegas is sitting at 6.5% of people being positive with failed testing and when we didn’t shut down until recently when people have been coming from all over the world crowding into the biggest social spaces we have - a Petri dish - yet somehow people seem to believe the virus rate of infection gets suddenly much less at the CA/NV border? This is embarrassing. Speak for the people who can’t - NY already has a good advocate and I’m certain plenty of New Yorkers an Californians were enjoying what vegas had to offer until the very last day they could - we just don’t have the resources in our city and state to do what those states are doing - and regular people like me are commenting on fb national news sites like: help - does anyone care except to say oh look the strip is dark ! That is gonna be expensive! No, what’s expensive is the dangerous situation the approx 3 million residents are facing now. Yes a lot of people live in Vegas - and a lot who depend on tourism are reluctant to admit this may be a real issue - and testing has all it halted and I hear constant stories of wick people not being helped. Populous states with better resources are what we are seeing in the news - there are other populous cities and localities being lost in this story and they are even more vulnerable - vegas still hasn’t caught up with recent growth - social services across the board was already overwhelmed (crime - police / fire / doctor ratio) This is a death sentence in too many ways - and not just the economic picture.