Texas lieutenant governor says seniors ‘willing to take a chance’ on survival if it means boosting economy

The suggestion to lift social distancing guidelines directly contradicts recommendations put forth by government agencies and public health experts



I saw him speaking on Fox News. I can’t believe how low people will go for money. Yes, let’s kill 50% of our parents and Grandparents and 12% of others. Now Trump is singing the same tune. Saying things like the “cure can’t be worse than the disease” something Laura Ingram was pushing. Since when does the leader of a Country take advice from “entertainment news” anchors. This administration only cares about Stocks and the economy. We’re talking about 1/2 a million to 2 million deaths if nothing is done. They need to put people first. This whole thing is a mess and disorganized. He hasn’t done one thing right. Not enough tests, still low on face masks, ventilators respirators, dismantled the Pandemic response team in 2017 etc... The admin was briefed over 12 weeks ago, the first documented case was in the US 9 weeks ago. The Governors of this Country, Nurses, Doctors, and first responders are the real hero’s. Without them, the US would be doomed. (Not saying that we still aren’t) Also, great work being done by Amazon and Bill Gates (love them or hate them) who are testing people that are not sick to study the spread in order to get a handle on it in Washington. If you find Clusters before they spread, you can do more aggressive targeted quarantining. Imagine if you looked and felt completely healthy and tested positive. Wouldn’t you do your part to stay home, away from family and friends and take self quarantining more seriously. You see, knowledge is power. People would react differently and as a result keep others from becoming ill. Unfortunately, this administration is known to do things behind closed doors, disobey Congressional subpoenas and enlist help from other governments to get fake dirt on Political opponent’s and we are expecting them to be transparent and get us through this. I will do my part and hope others will to because the guy at the Top isn’t steady enough, strong enough, honest enough, smart enough, or selfless enough to bring us through this.

I am not sure how this was sooo misinterpreted. I heard him say that and interpreted it as altruism. I too am a high risk individual over 60 and feel the same way. I can isolate myself as long as I need. I don’t need those with a low risk to isolate with me. The government has not said we are GOING to do this. He is merely being optimistic that things will get better when we analyze the data and define the hotspots! One of the medications I take has a 4% mortality rate yet I choose to take it. People choose to smoke, ride on motorcycles without helmets, eat cheeseburgers and fries. Those choices affect me because of the stress on our healthcare system. I choose not too but I have no plan to take away their choices.