Trump predicts 'this is going to be bad' but vows to reopen America | Analysis

President Donald J. Trump is already losing patience — weeks before the virus may peak | Analysis by Stephen Collinson


We may be facing the same dire situation as US in a few weeks, if not less, but when he says "if it were up to the doctors, they may say let's keep it shut down -- let's shut down the entire world." This makes me angry.

This is offensive and disrespectful, to say the least. He needs to go to the front line, be in the presence of COVID-19 patients where his health care workers are in need of PPEs, and feel the fear that we all fear when we head in to work. NY is now one of the epicentres. No words of condolences for the highest death toll in a single day. Ignorant prick.

From: Canadian Nurse

As of this morning, the death rate as reported by the CDC is 1.2% here in the US. This proves out our healthcare and general cleanliness compared to other countries. The world isn’t going to recover financially without us. We can sit around being paranoid and starve everyone including ourselves or we can isolate the “at risk” groups and get back to work and help everyone as leaders do.
Right now, our essential people are working everyday because we rely on them. They come in contact with people and surfaces everyday that could infect them. There’s no way to cure it yet and as long as there’s one person who has it, we’re all at risk but then we take a greater statistical risk driving to work every day.

I think it’s an economic certainty that at some point, the world’s population will not allow the total shutdown to continue. The death of .0002307% of the world population as of today (18k/7.8 billion) probably isn’t convincing enough for everyone who feels that they’ve reached the point where they cannot put a roof over their heads or feed their family. The US will likely lead the rebellion with this since the total deaths today are .000183% of 327 million. The argument will likely be made that more people die from a whole host of other things than this pandemic. Every life is important. I just think the patience will end at some point and citizens of countries will say enough is enough. Don’t shoot the messenger.