White House officials looking for way to 'open' economy without health catastrophe

Aides are scrambling for a compromise option that will avoid what health officials say would be a disaster



We should be under quarantine for 40 days by now, shut it all down except essential goods and services. Shut it down 40 days like our ancestors did. Find the infected and focus in saving them and on getting a vaccine because this virus will come back next year said the doctor at the press conference, 3 waves she said, it will be back next year and the next so do the right thing now.
Deal with it now instead of giving mixed messages and no real plan. Americans would also know the 40 days will be up and over soon.

You cant put a price on human life. Our economy is going to tank when sick and dying people cant work because Trump is worried about re-election. If he cared about this country and its people he would envoke the defense act powers and get these ventilators and safety supplies to our hospitals. The GOP was always touting we were going to have death panels well we are because of their mishandling of this entire situation. Washington state are saying that they may have to limit care and decide who gets treatment and who is a hopeless cause. In Italy they have already done this because now if you are 60+ you dont get the care. I never thought something like this could happen in America. My first cousin is a nurse working in the ER and she is scared because she doesnt have enough protective gear to use and they are not seeing any supplies coming into their hospital and their hospital is already being overwhelmed. Its just going to get worse people I mean the Attorney General warned us yesterday this week is going to get worse and if you all dont keep your butts at home and stop this we are in serious trouble. We are bigger than Italy and it could be worse than Italy. LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS!

With all due respect, let us not emphasize/overemphasize income brackets this time around. I believe that Americans should have a monthly or weekly stimulus of $2000 throughout the year-or until things get back in regular swing.? In addition to all other perks/benefits from their jobs/farms/businesses. That is-the ones that paid taxes as of 2018. And/but the retirees/ Veterans/Social Security Seniors/SSDI/SSI/unemployment(not mentioned in my earlier post)should get at least $1000 monthly during the first 2to3 months of the stimulus-aside from their benefit payments. We/they often forget them. God is no Respecter of persons(Acts 10:34). They are also at COVID-19 risks. Let's not forget college and workforce students(not mentioned in my other post(s)). But I wanna add the food stamp-SNAP-Medicaid people to this stimulus. They should have their benefits untouched and/or reinstated fully, again, until things get back in regular swing.
Especially-the ones that were/got qualified and approved before, during and at 2016-like myself. And they should receive at least 2to3 payments of $1000. 1 monthly check when the first batch go out and monthly afterwards.!? REGARDLESS OF TAXES PAID OR NO TAXES PAID.!? They/we need a break too sometimes. I, personally, was attacked by a rare condition that already had me 80to90% housebound since 2013. And 40to50% housebound after 2008. I've been fighting for SSI&SSDI since 2013-yet to no approval. Some have similar or different stories/journeys. But I'm/we're at risks of COVID-19 too. 2to5 people have already passed from the disease. In St Louis where I reside. And more in the states of Missouri and Illinois. If the Stimulus has to hit 3trillion or more to do/meet that then so be it?. Pardon the length of my view. Please merge and consider those sentiments; those truths.? Thank you.