Groups around the country are sewing masks for hospitals facing dire shortages

Volunteers across the nation have formed sewing groups, where they share patterns they think can best address the needs of medical workers. Using their sewing machines and piles of fabric, they work to make as many masks as they can to help hospitals in need of more supplies.


"’I'd think on a theoretical basis, they should provide protection because they give you a physical barrier to protect the nose and the mouth,’ MacIntyre, who is head of the biosecurity program at the Kirby Institute University of New South Wales, said.”

“She recommended that if medical staff absolutely have to use homemade masks, that they should cycle between two masks and wash them daily in hot water.”

"’If a doctor or a nurse has to treat a patient, they should use whatever they can get their hands on,’ she said. ‘If they can make a mask or get a homemade mask, use it. It's a life or death situation for them.’”

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