New Jersey will release low-level offenders from jail to prevent coronavirus spread

"The reduction of county jail populations, under appropriate conditions, is in the public interest to mitigate risks imposed by Covid-19," the New Jersey Chief Justice wrote.


Trump and the Corona Crisis The Reluctant President of the War

Martial rhetoric and self-praise - that's how US President Trump presents himself even in times of Corona. He calls himself president of the war. But many accuse him of not doing so. Since Donald Trump is aware that the corona crisis has taken away the main arguments for his reelection - the stock market boom, growth rates, the job miracle - he slipped into a new role: that of a war president.
He himself uses this term, it has become Trump's standard rhetoric. So far, however, he had shied away from acting like a war president. Trump no longer calls it the "China virus"

But the businessman Trump apparently hesitates to issue government orders to companies. And he has throttled his rhetoric overall, deleted the term "Chinese virus" from his vocabulary. Americans of Asian origin should have heard insults, Trump said.