What these 34-year-old and 26-year-old coronavirus patients have to say to young adults

Valerie Wilson, 34, and Fiona Lowenstein, 26, are recovering from coronavirus. They're telling their fellow millennials that they too need to be aware of their health in the pandemic.



Wow, they are really trying to find any young person that has a positive coronavirus test as a means to scare the population. The thought process never was that young don’t get it, it’s that young people. by and large, recover 100% from it, just like the regular flu. People with weak immune systems, young or old, are more at risk of death. The truth is there are 396,035 confirmed cases worldwide and 17,247 deaths worldwide...meaning only .04% of people who have it die. Which also means 99.96% of people recover just fine from it but by all means let’s post fearmongering articles and continue to shut commerce down for no reason at all