Trump wants America reopened by Easter. That could send the US economy into depression

Not only would a premature re-opening of the economy defy the advice of health experts, but economists warn it would backfire


Nice to know the government just about has the right about of lobbying money in this bill, to give us a 1000 of money will have to pay back someday.New data out of China. The WHO now estimates Covid-19 to have a fatality rate of 0.5%. More than 99.5% of people who catch the virus will recover, if they catch it at all. Remember this when your friend loses their job, your parents can't retire, your neighbor gets evicted, your kids are a year behind in school, and the military is patrolling the streets. Hope it was all worth it.It’s true that Obama didn’t declare a national emergency for six months, but that ignores several other steps the administration took, including declaring a public health emergency the same month that the novel H1N1 infections were first reported.